Zoë Martinique Investigations

Zoë is your average twenty-something, of Irish and Latino descent, with the special ability to go out of her body. But after a few years of using this ability to make a living, Zoë is confronted with other beings that live in the astral, and after a frightening encounter with a symbiont called The Archer, Zoë’s life and abilities begin to change as she’s introduced to things that go bump in the night.

Books In Order: 

Web Ginn House (short story)
Wraith (Novel)
Out Of The Dark (Short Novel)
Holly & Ivy (short story)
Spectre (Novel)
Phantasm (Novel)
Revenant (Novel)
Beyond The Door (Short Novel)
Geist (Novel)
Walking Shadows (Short Novel)
Soul Cage  (Short Novel)
Dominion (Novel)

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